That happened: episode 17

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel:

I’ve been waiting

For a nerd like you!

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Paging Dr. Snuggle:

<Ayn> my ceh exam prep book describing irc channels: “Be careful as many of them are full of bots, lurkers (people not doing anything), or rude people. But not all of them are bad.”
<Ayn> gotta be careful with the lurkers
* @cgales unlurks
* Ayn runs
<ftk> hey! i aint no bot!
<ftk> but i guess i lurk and i _am_ rude
<duckfez> and some of the lurkers are bots
<@cgales> but you’re not all bad!
<ftk> cgales: cuz i m not a bot
<duckfez> DrSnuggle has left the building it seems

Winning at multi-value field extractions:

Trolling in the deep–er, i mean the Amrit:

<wrench_> Mr0nins all!
<duckfez> hey howdy wrench_
<wrench_ > I finally got the multi-value field extraction working woot!
<wrench_> heya
<duckfez> wrench_: do share
<wrench_> want me to pastebin the config?
<wrench_> or just overview?
<duckfez> or at least summarize what the dealy-o was.. is this an auto-kv field or did you have to make a regex for it?
<wrench_> I ended up using the doc example for transforms.conf and making a Regex in there
<wrench_> first time for me to use either props or transforms – so it took some different tries to get inputs/props/transforms right
<wrench_> but worked in the end 😉
<duckfez> swell
<wrench_> it works and I’ve read the relevant section in the doc but I’m not exactly clear on what FORMAT= $1::$2 actually does
<duckfez> I can explain that
<duckfez> $X is the matching groups in the regex, kind-of a precursor to (?<foo>)
<wrench_> what do the two colons mean?
<duckfez> so a regex of  REGEX= ([^\s]+)=([^\s]+)
<duckfez> just a form of assignment
<duckfez> with that regex, the ([^\s]+) to the left of the = is $1, and the other is $2
<wrench_> ah ok
<duckfez> typically, you would have a static field name like “foo::$1 bar::$2”
<wrench_> so Splunk will treat $1 as the field name and $2 as the corresponding value?
<duckfez> but, “$1::$2” makes it derive the field name from the regex’s capture groups
* duckfez nods
<wrench_> ohh cool
<wrench_> good explanation — thanks
<duckfez> now I think the catch here is when you have a more complex expression w/ quotes around it (which autokv handles very well) like  “designated driver”=”not amrit”
<duckfez> mlanghor was fighting w/ this the other day, dunno if he ever beat it
<duckfez> well, his situation was similar but not identical
<wrench_> ah gotcha
<_d_1> more like “designated troller”=”the amrit”


Artist’s interpretation of what happens when you call Splunk Support?

* troj resists “Must. Not. Answer. Red. Phone.”
<duckfez> troj: would you answer if it were a bananaphone?
* troj breaks “Hello, this is Batma…er, troj”
<duckfez> HELLO?  YES, THIS IS DOG
* troj answers the banana phone as well, creating a very confusing conversation.
<@cgales> a plantain is sort of like a red banana….
<@amrit|wrk> ring ring ring ring ring
> o.O
<@hexx0> ring
<@hexx0> ring
<@hexx0> ring ring
<duckfez> amrit|wrk: knock knock
<@hexx0> oh sorry we’ve already done “ring ring ring”
<duckfez> amrit|wrk: I’ll cut to the chase .. “orange you glad I didn’t say banana??”

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