That happened: episode 11

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel:  Not every mention of Christmas is about Amrit’s timeless “Did I miss Christmas” script, tantalizing tales of Beta features, and a mashup involving smoked meat, social media, and Splunk.

Splunk knows if you’ve been bad or good

and writes it to _audit:

<Drainy> evening
<splunkmas> Sup?
<splunkmas> My full name was supposed to be SplunkMasterMike
<splunkmas> but apparently it’s too long
<Drainy> I like Splunkmas, its like Christmas
<Drainy> only splunkier

A (beta) feature by any other name…

You’re probably wondering what that “magic button” thing is about  :)

<Coccyx> but yeah, seriously anyone should be able to make reports run fast with this feature, it’s so awesome
<Coccyx> cgales is the master of all feature naming, so check with him first before you call it something wrong :)
<@cgales> heh…I just write what the voices tell lme.
<Coccyx> modular inputs is going to be pretty cool too if you like to do scripted inputs
<Coccyx> and whatever we’re calling Simple XML drill across these days is also pretty cool… Sanjay renamed it something cool, easy drilldowns or something
<Coccyx> i’m totally betraying my marketing title by not being able to remember these names
<Drainy> easy drilldowns is definitely not a cool name, surely something like, “Drilldowns-X: The return”, would be more fitting?
<Coccyx> lol, dunno but you can now define the ability to have your clicks do something in Simple XML dashboards
<JoeTron> i think it’s dynamic drilldowns
<Coccyx> had to go to advanced XML to do that previously
<JoeTron> ?
<Coccyx> JoeTron: yeah, that sounds about right
<Nerf> Coccyx: You talking about the magic button?
<Coccyx> Nerf: yes, the magic button
<@cgales> Dynamic drilldown is the enhancement to Simple XML for dashboards and forms
<hexx_home> I think it’s Enthusiastic Drilldowns

Splunk ’em if you got ’em

Now *this* is the Future i signed up for:

<rayutsw> I signed up on twitter so that my smoker can send update when I’m cooking.  my small contribution to the world of mundane things.
<mlanghor> haha
<^Brian^> rayutsw: nice!
<rayutsw> of course that was the easy part…   still working on getting my smoker to twitter…  =/
<mlanghor> rayutsw: what do you have that sends the message?
<cerby> IPv6 enabled smoker?
<rayutsw> I’m building a network connected automatic smoker controller.
<rayutsw> its based on this project:
<@Splunky> rayutsw’s URL: “LinkMeter v2 Homebrew BBQ Controller – Topic”
<rayutsw> but I’m adding my own tweaks to accommodate my own setup.
<rayutsw> I found that I could make a few changes in the software and use the same build for my homebrew beer fermentation system as well.
<^Brian^> rayutsw: splunking this data I’m assuming
<rayutsw> of course
<^Brian^> Splunk>  MMMMM Meat
<rayutsw> my work related splunking is pretty boring. I have to put splunk to use at home for fun.
<mlanghor> thanks for the link rayutsw, looks cool
<^Brian^> i smell a .live presentation
<rayutsw> haha..    not likely.
<rayutsw> They put me on the lunch hour panel one year…   and never again..   haha
<jspears> there’s nothing mundane about smoked meat or good beer

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