That happened: episode 10

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: unfair karma practices, using your own supply, finding one-another at Splunk> Live!, and sweet harmonies.

Karma trickery

Maybe all Drainy needs is a little friendly competition:

<Drainy> What! I just answered someone’s question, they commented that it was the slashes, then they posted it as their own  answer and accepted that
* Drainy waves fist
<kkolb> Drainy: You just want to get ahead in the Karma race. (breathing down your neck)
<Drainy> damn straight :)
<kkolb> :)
<Drainy> I’ve spent a good month off it, come back and all these young upstarts are right on my back
<Drainy> fancy a race? See who has the highest karma come .conf?
<kkolb> picking up speed  :-)
<kkolb> ok. no vacation this summer.

First one’s Free!

mlanghor hooks another one:

<mlanghor> rex to the rescue: sourcetype=networker_daemon host=folileg1 “There is already” peer | rex field=_raw “entry\sfor\s\”(?<peer>[^\”]+)\”” |dedup peer| table peer
<mlanghor> had to help him create the rex string, but this EMC guy is loving Splunk.  he’s going to hate his next gig
<^Brian^> hah..why?
<mlanghor> ’cause he won’t have Splunk for his Legato logs
<mlanghor> back to tail, grep, etc.  this sucks …
<mlanghor> ^Brian^: we’ve had an EMC guy here for a couple months now helping us with Legato backups, but he’s leaving next week. First day I gave him access to Splunk so we didn’t need to create an os account.  he loves it
<^Brian^> mlanghor: nice..getting him addicted and then making him quit cold turkey

Meeting in real life is complicated

On the internet, no one knows you’re not a bunny:

<Coccyx> Nerf: I’m the guy the with the camera
<Coccyx> that keeps getting up
<Coccyx> and walking up to the front
<Coccyx> I’m in a navy blue jacket, sitting in the back left right now
<Nerf> I’m the guy in the middle with the bright green shirt
<Coccyx> i can see a bright green shirt from here, that’s probably you
<Drainy> Nerf: just to be safe, go buy a rose and put it in your mouth in case there are a couple of green shirts
<Nerf> I’m 10 feet from the podium – Also the only one on IRC
<Nerf> I go by “Chris” in public.  Gets fewer weird looks
<Coccyx> I’m “Clint”, because Coccyx is hard to say

Don’t scare the bosses

pde speaks from experience:

<pde> protip: if you’re plotting a line called linear_trend, $management will become confused if the y axis is logarithmic
<pde> . o O { the more you know }

Mister Splunkman, search me a dream

There’s still plenty of time to get your (barbershop) act together for userconf:

<DaGryph> Morning!
<Drainy> Morning!
<mattd> Morning!
<Drainy> 😀 what a pretty step effect
<Drainy> fancy starting up a barbershop triplet?
<DaGryph> Yeah!
<DaGryph> We’d need a name…
<Drainy> The Singing Splunkers, Da rain matt, Splunking your audio..
<DaGryph> Quartet.conf
<Drainy> The Universal Forwarders?
<Drainy> haha
<DaGryph> Lol.
<DaGryph> UFs for short.

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