Sweedish sausage

Last week Boris, our erstwhile adopted Swede, came up to me and asked if I could make a cocktail next happy hour using his awesome Swedish absinthe. Sure, I thought, why not.

Well, let’s just say “it’s an acquired taste”… a taste acquired perchance by licking bark or eating dirt.

However, it *does* have thujone in it, so it will make you silly, giggly and warm. That’s worth the effort. Since I didn’t have any to experiment with in the privacy of my own home, we’ll have to have the Mixology science faire here at Splunk. Thus, come and watch cocktail sausage being made. It might be messy.

Our mission is nothing less than to make this Swedish palatable. Nay, we will not rest until we’re actually happy to drink it. Or happy to drink just about anything.

The plan of record : Start with a sazerac, but with more heavy orange flavor. At 5 in the bar.

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