Splunking the Leftovers

By Billy Priest

From time to time, you may have seen me scuttling out the front door in the evening, toting a heavily loaded Instacart or caterer’s bag. You might have wondered what it was I was carrying out of the building in so carefree a manner.

Wonder no more: It’s the leftovers!

Hundreds of sandwiches are given to the homeless.

Hundreds of sandwiches are given the homeless.

Despite detailed tracking of food and beverage consumption by floor, it’s impossible to buy exactly the right amount of food here at HQ. So when groceries arrive for the third floor, it had been my habit to simply throw away anything that had reached its “sell by” date (I got emails complaining about “expired” food if I didn’t). But since the “sell by” date is often a week or more ahead of the actual death of a food product, I felt bad about tossing out perfectly good food.

About ten months ago, I found a solution. I collect all the bread, lunchmeat and cheese that has hit its date, and fill my freezer. When my freezer is full, I hand it all over to a friend who makes sandwiches for the homeless.

Kurt has been helping the homeless in our neighborhood for several years. He started by handing out socks. Then, he began cooking food and distributing it to our homeless neighbors in Chinese food take-out boxes. Now, he makes sandwiches: He takes our Splunk leftovers and makes dozens—sometimes hundreds—of sandwiches at a time. Then he wanders around the neighborhood, handing out meals and making friends.

Kurt is not a recognized or registered charity, and has funded his generosity almost entirely out of his own pocket. The donations of food we make to him aren’t tax deductible for me or for Splunk. But we should all feel a lot better, knowing that our leftovers are somehow benefiting someone in desperate need. And that’s how we Splunk4Good.

Want to learn more or find out how you can help? Contact Billy Priest.

Want to share your story of how you’re giving back, or want to know how you can help? Contact Splunk4Good for more information.

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