Splunk Ninja – So You’re Interested in Video now?

This episode gives our faithful and inquisitive viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the Splunk Ninja’s ghetto-tech operation. Some viewers have been wondering, how I put all of these videos together, what equipment to use and what software or websites to get started with.  Covered in this no-holds-barred, blockbuster epic, multi-dollar budgeted, long form tutorial are:

  • My experiences in getting to this point.
  • Things for you to consider and many options.
  • Tools I use in my “anti-studio”.
  • Production, hosting, viewing and all that nonsense.

Its the longest video I’ve ever done. I really try to put content in front of the viewers that has substance, some level of staying power, relevance and most of all value for your attention–which I do cherish

Thanks for watching, please comment in the timeline, with your keyboard or with the Seesmic video comment link below.  …and one more thing, send me a link to your videos!

This blog post and video is in fact not sponsored by Behringer Mic’s, Alesis Mixers, John Foley Software, Vara Software, AllocInit.com, Viddler–I’m just a big fan of their stuff!  — but is in fact sponsored by Splunk, The IT Search Engine.  Download it today.. it rox!

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