Smart AnSwerS #35

Hey there community and welcome to the 35th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

For all the hard work put into making all things Splunk as awesome as possible, a group of Splunkers were taken on a day trip to Sausalito, CA for some kayaking and paddleboarding action in the bay. The morning was chilly, cloudy, and windy, so most folks avoided falling into the water like the plague, but of course the overcast gloom cleared up to show off some sun and blue skies AFTER we were done. It’s just good ole San Francisco Bay Area weather teasing us in its true, unpredictable form. Nonetheless, folks had a great, and well deserved, time :) Great job and big thanks to everyone that have contributed to our products’ development.

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

How to send SNMP traps from my Linux machine to a Splunk indexer on threshold values?

richaGindodia was struggling with the proper configuration to send SNMP traps from a Linux machine to a Splunk indexer based on threshold values. Good thing there are awesome folks in the community with a wide range of Splunk knowledge and an in-depth understanding of certain topics, and this was right up dwaddle’s alley. Drawing from his own valuable experience, come learn a thing or 20 from his incredibly thorough step-by-step answer to tackle this question.

Why is summary indexing creating duplicate records in the summary index?

vganjare had a configuration to populate a summary index every 5 minutes, but realized that running a search on the index returned duplicate data from the two indexers in the distributed search environment. MuS suggested the culprit may be an outputs.conf configuration on the search head, showing how one setting would clone events to indexers versus the proper tcpout setting to distribute data to the two receivers using auto load balancing. The solution was right on the dot.

How to change the background color (from a CSS) of a gauge?

skender27 had a CSS file to manage colors for all dashboard panels, but needed a way to control the background color of two gauge panels in particular that were not matching the dashboard.  Using the inspector of the page, skender27 discovered the proper class name and added it to the application.css file to resolve the post and also included how to control color of the input fields. nfilippi jumped in to provide his own nifty answer, showing how to style charts using XML options, providing the community other possibilities for customization.

Thanks for reading!

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