Meet the Splunkterns: Anne-Marie Chun

CJlc7DXUYAAKzOIWelcome back to our Meet the Splunkterns series! To recap some of the fun we have been having, last Friday the Splunkterns got to spend a little more time getting to know one another during our day of community service. We started the day learning more about Splunk4Good and and the organization Meals on Wheels, which we had the opportunity to partner with for the day. After we had our orientation and signed away our lives (just kidding!) we headed out to 6th and Mission. We spent half of the day handing out around 200 Emergency Food Kits to home-bound seniors and talking to them about emergency preparedness. I thought it was awesome spending time helping some of the residents of San Francisco and working with my fellow interns. In fact my partner for the day was the reason you’re reading this post, so I will get back to it and let you hear from her.

We’re excited to continue the Splunktern highlight series with MBA Intern, Anne-Marie Chun.IMG_0748 Anne-Marie is working in the Office of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) in SF HQ in the Analytics Market Group. She completed her B.A. at Stanford University in International Relations and Modern Languages (she speaks Mandarin and French, cool!) and is now an MBA candidate at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania focused on Entrepreneurial Management and Operations.

We had the pleasure of learning a little bit more about Anne-Marie’s experience as an MBA intern at Splunk. Here is what she had to say about her experience so far:

How did you find out about Splunk’s internship program?
A former Splunk employee introduced me to the CSO’s team. When we talked, the team was working on launching some new initiatives and was looking to build out the team.

What motivated you to apply for an internship at Splunk?
I am passionate about the power of data to solve big problems facing businesses and the public, and was eager to work with a team tackling these challenges. I had followed Splunk’s work for a while, in my previous career as a management consultant focused on the tech sector, and was happy to hear that they were looking for interns.


What event are you most looking forward to this summer?
Our team is working on some awesome projects that will be presented at Splunk’s big annual event in Las Vegas, .conf 2015. I am excited to hear customers’ reactions!

Describe your favorite moment at Splunk so far:
Soon after starting, Splunk had its first quarter 2016 earnings call. The next day, the whole HQ office gathered downstairs to hear from the executive team on company updates and strategy and to have lunch together. It was exciting to start off my internship with such a great quarter!

What is your impression of the Splunk culture?
Splunk is a great place to nerd out. As a nerd at heart, I appreciate a culture where people are willing to sit down and chat about whatever is on your mind. I have really enjoyed picking the brain of my desk neighbor, a computer science whiz, on everything from the theory of data science and search processing language to Warriors basketball.

What’s your favorite snack in the kitchen?
Friday breakfasts ☺


Stay tuned to hear from more of our Splunkterns about the projects they are working on and the memories they’re making. Next week we will be featuring Splunkterns in another office, I’ll save the actual location as a surprise to ensure your return!


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