I’m cold and there are wolves after me

Just fresh from the splunk poker game. Good fun, made a whopping $10. Jef looked like
he was on the verge or paying for his kids education. Maverick even threatened to sing,
good times.

So Erik did a pretty good job of describing the environment here at splunk.
The people here are great and lots of fun, there are some great problems
just begging to be solved, we need more monkeys on them typewriters

Poker games, golf, visits to the jackson arms, beer pong, foosball
(Raffy really needs a challenge )

Don’t worry about that collage bit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collage

Erik insists everyone draw a picture of themselves in crayon, but really
who doesn’t ask for that in a serious interview these days.

In the coming weeks I’m going to be working on a way to allow people to
plug in their own auth systems. We’ve had requests running the gamut from
the normal stuff like PAM, RADIUS etc to carrier pidgeon and bob’s trusty
auth system. The most common thread of all these is that they are all scriptable.
You folks know your own auth systems. We’ll throw this in the unstable
release/dev branch that we’ll be launching and hopefully get some feed back
from you folks to fine tune it before we put it into stable.

Now that I’ve said that in public I’m well and truly screwed and will have to do it.

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