Drugging employees for fun and profit

Blue Bottle Coffee

On a daily basis, I pay homage to the wonder that is Blue Bottle Coffee espresso, which flows freely — some would say excessively — from our kitchen. The benefits to productivity that this fine coffee bestows upon the dev team is enormous, easily eclipsing other contenders such as video games or foosball. Of course, there were some hurdles to get to this point, namely somebody pouring M&Ms into the bean grinder of the super-automatic that was previously in service. The result was a pitiful molten mess of chocolate, beans, plastic, and gears. And, of course, the perpetrator was never discovered. So the only recourse was to beef up the machinery and move to a true commercial setup: a La Spaziale, Mazzer Mini, and freshly delivered Blue Bottle. BB even asked us what hardware we were running, and sent us the most compatible beans. Brilliant.

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