Being the girl in dev at Splunk

Like a lot of tech companies, Splunk’s development organization isn’t a model of perfect gender balance. For a year and a half now, I’ve been the only woman in the dev organization.

Surprisingly, this is not an uncomfortable place to be. In 11 years in industry I’ve worked in a variety of organizations: the now-bankrupt dot-com best known for putting an ad with a naked guy up during the Super Bowl, 2 major marquee names with vastly differing corporate cultures, a security start-up stocked with emancipated-minor hackers. Aside from that doomed dot-com — which had a surprisingly strong gender balance throughout technical roles and a culture blessedly free of gender-based intimidation at all levels — Splunk may be the most comfortable place I’ve ever worked. There’s no creepy tokenism (unlike stories I’ve heard about certain other bay area employers), That Guy Who’s Never Seen A Girl Before doesn’t work here…and as far as I can tell, no one really gets harassed except Amrit.

Perhaps a better testament for the dev culture than my opinion — because, frankly, I’m pretty weird to start with — is that other women in the company seem to be pretty comfortable visiting the dev area, either on work errands or just to take a break from the sales-focused environment upstairs. Frankly I can’t imagine that happens too often in the bay area…and more’s the pity.

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