Biking With Splunk>4Good for Early Cancer Detection!

Earlier this year, a group of Splunkers decided to embark on the Canary Challenge—getting involved with the fight against cancer to benefit the Canary Center at Stanford.

To help make a difference in the lives of many family, friends, and colleagues who have been touched by cancer, each Splunker was tasked with training for a 50km, 75km, 75mile or 100mile bike ride through the beautiful scenery of the Peninsula and at least $400 worth of fundraising. Our team here at Splunk was able to use some creative fundraising campaigns to raise $7,986 as a team towards exceeding the overall Canary Challenge goal of $1M. In the end, the final fundraising tally of $1,094,322 will help the Canary Center at Stanford foster research leading to the development of blood tests and molecular imaging approaches to detect and localize early cancers. That’s what I call AWESOME!!!

Find out more about the Canary Foundation and check back here through the year to see how we sprinkle the data dust on this project as we prepare for the next Canary Challenge! We’ll be looking to Splunk data from our athlete’s favorite fitness devices as they train and ride the challenge to answer some of the questions you might have. For example, you might be interested in understanding if some our top fundraisers are truly the ones that train the hardest!

Splunk Team Canary Challenge

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Biking With Splunk>4Good for Early Cancer Detection!

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