All the Data That’s Fit to Visualize – SOURCE Boston 2008

I was giving a talk at SOURCEBoston 2008. The topic this time was around general visualization and what has gone wrong in security visualization in the past. I showed how we can learn and steal from other disciplines, in this case, the New York Times. The NYT has done some pretty fantastic work in the area of data visualization. Their interactive market map, for example, is a great way of exploring stock data. During the talk, I outlined some of the design principles that the NYT graphics department is using when they are designing their graphs: Show – Don’t Tell.

To start my presentation, I showed a little video about security visualization (see below).


At conferences lately, I find myself not to be the only one that talks about security visualization. More and more presentations are showing visualizations. A lot of projects are using visualization to help them analyze all the data at hand. At SOURCE, Dave Dittrich from the University of Washington, talked about BotNet analysis and visualizing network traffic captured from BotNets. He definitely has a challenge of displaying large amounts of data. We discussed some approaches and possibly, parallel coordinates, could work for his data. Parallel coordinates are what I used in my book for some BotNet traffic analysis.

By Raffael Marty

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