Splunk Partner+ Program Announces 2017 Global Partner Awards

C5Ju5aXVYAAb766With the convergence of Splunk’s new fiscal year, Global Partner Summit and our Global Partner+ Program Awards, there’s call for celebration as we look back on our previous year’s achievements and look towards FY’18.

Partners are vital to Splunk and continue to push the envelope and innovate every day. From creative sales techniques to innovative program execution, from app and technology development to delivering world-class services, Splunk Partners excel in their commitment to customers and the Splunk Partner+ Program while demonstrating an ability to strategically find and lead incremental business.

Throughout the past 12 months, Splunk Partners achieved remarkable success. The Partner+ team would like to recognize select partners who exemplified the core values Splunk Partner+ Program coupled with stellar performance. Our global Partner+ Award winners go above and beyond expectations to deliver outstanding customer successes.

Before we announce the FY’17 Partner Awards, I want to personally thank each and every Splunk Partner for your constant collaboration, commitment to excellence, and customer-first mentality. Splunk thrives when you succeed and your partnership drives Splunk to a higher standard.

Join me as I congratulate and virtually high-five our entire Global Partner ecosystem and this year’s Partner+ Award winners!

FY’2017 Splunk Partner+ Award Winners:

Global Winners

  • Global Reseller Partner of the Year: Red River
  • Global Distribution Partner of the Year: Carahsoft
  • Global Alliance Partner of the Year: Accenture
  • Global Partner Marketing Excellence: Kinney Group
  • Buttercup Award: OnX

Americas Winners

  • Americas Partner of the Year: CDW
  • Americas Distribution Partner of the Year: Arrow
  • Americas Rookie Partner of the Year: rSolutions
  • Americas Services Partner of the Year: Vivatas

Public Sector Winners

  • Public Sector Partner of the Year: Red River
  • Public Sector Distribution Partner of the Year: Carahsoft
  • Public Sector SLED Partner of the Year: CDW-G
  • Public Sector Services Partner of the Year: August Schell
  • Public Sector SI Partner of the Year: Deloitte
  • Public Sector Rookie Partner of the Year: SLAIT Consulting

EMEA Winners

  • EMEA Partner of the Year: magellan netzwerke (Germany)
  • EMEA Distribution Partner of the Year: RRC (Russia)
  • EME Rookie Partner of the Year: Bechtle (Germany)
  • EMEA Services Partner of the Year: Riversafe Ltd. (UK)
  • EMEA North Partner of the Year: SMT (Netherlands)
  • EMEA Central Partner of the Year: magellan netzwerke (Germany)
  • EMEA South Partner of the Year: E & M Computing (Israel)
  • META Partner of the Year: Help AG (United Arab Emirates)

APAC Winners

We are energized and ready to kick off FY’18 and continue on our path to excellence, growth and new opportunities with you, our valued Partners. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Jessica Walker McFarland
Director, Global Partner Marketing



I started my career in PR and found my way into Partner Marketing following a three-year expat gig in Sydney, Australia. From there, my path led me to my current role as Director of Global Customer Advocacy and Showcases. I actually, really, truly do love my job working with our global customer ecosystem on all aspects of marketing. I’m inspired by our customers’ passion, ingenuity and the Splunk expertise they bring to our mutual partners and the Splunk family. I live in Denver and ski far less than most people assume. Travel is my passion and together with my husband, we try to visit one new country per year. 

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