Splunk Hunk (Analytics for Hadoop)

Updated 4/6/2023: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop has reached End of Sale on 4/6/2023. End of Life will be 1/31/2025.

Splunk Hunk is the nickname of Splunk Analytics for Hadoop. Hunk is an app available in Splunkbase. It is great for exploring, analyzing and visualizing data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. Hunk offers a shortcut around the hard work of inventing and coding every inquiry in Hadoop. Hunk helps to create insights from big data, without the need for specialized skills, fixed schemas, or months of development.

How does Hunk work?

With Hunk, users can improve the speed and simplicity of getting insights from big data in Hadoop.

  • Hunk brings Splunk’s big data analytics stack to your data in Hadoop. Explore, analyze and visualize data, create dashboards and share reports from one integrated platform that works with Apache Hadoop or the Hadoop distribution of your choice.
  • The Splunk Virtual Index decouples the data storage tier from the data access and analytics tiers, so that Hunk can transparently route requests to different data stores. Hunk uses this foundational patent-pending technology to enable seamless interactive exploration, analysis, and visualization for data stored in Hadoop.
  • Developing a big data app on Hadoop is as easy as building amodern web application. The web framework means that developers can use the tools and languages they know such as XML, JavaScript and Django to build big data apps with custom dashboards, a flexible UI and custom data visualizations.
  • Hunk makes sense out of massive data stores on Hadoop first by applying a Splunk Virtual Index that provides metadata. The index supports the same Splunk Search Processing Language used in the company's Splunk Enterprise product. Users can then explore, detect patterns and anomalies and drill down on terabyte- and petabyte-scale Hadoop clusters.
  • Users can also uncover correlations with structured data using Splunk DB Connect to link data in relational databases to an analysis. Hunk also has reporting, data visualization and dashboarding tool, so you can turn valuable correlations and reports into always-on, production analyses.
  • Hunk offers query acceleration, stored statistics, scheduling, and access-control features that aren't purpose-built in Hadoop.

Splunk Hunk Key Features Include:​

  • On-premise BI software solution
  • Works with Apache Hadoop setups
  • Users can search through big data
  • Sends out search results previews to reduce search times
  • Users can drag and drop different elements when generating data visualizations
  • Hosts many real-time data dashboards
  • Can create program-connected apps in C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby

What is Splunk?

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