An Empowered Future: New Splunk Pricing Expands Access to Data

On a daily basis, data is changing our world in remarkable ways. We’re innovating, transforming and progressing faster than ever—and data has remained at the center of it all.

From time-tested enterprises to surging startups to world-changing nonprofits, more and more organizations are leveraging the power of data to inform decisions, inspire action and enable better outcomes. But data’s potential reaches far beyond that.

Access to data is the essential element for not only businesses to thrive, but also individuals, nations and the world. With data at everyone’s fingertips, more communities can find and share their voice, educational opportunities become more available and global aid saves more lives.

The remarkable potential of data is what drives Splunk every day, guiding everything from our mission to our continual product innovation. We know that achieving these transformative outcomes means that more people, in both technical and non-technical roles, need to be able to act on their data.

At Splunk, we’re focused on removing barriers between data and action for people across the globe. One of the most impactful ways we’re investing in this vision is by redefining our pricing to expand the very access to data. 

To help our customers achieve greater success, we’ve amended our pricing model so that we can provide our customers predictability and flexibility in leveraging more data to solve business problems. Customers can now bring data to every question, decision and action, sending more data to Splunk products and solving data challenges outside of IT and security. By experimenting with new use cases that were once cost-prohibitive, customers can unleash data’s power in every part of their business.

We Remove Limits in Two Deliberate Ways:

  • Making pricing more predictable. As companies scale their data volume, they need visibility and predictability to their cost so they can effectively plan. With simple, pre-defined tiers, Splunk’s Predictive Pricing Program (PPP) gives customers a roadmap from their current usage to unlimited ingestion with clear markers along the way — making it easier to unlock new opportunities and experiment with their data. 
  • Giving customers the flexibility they need. Since customers don’t have one-size-fits-all needs and circumstances, we’re now giving customers the flexibility to select a pricing metric that best suits their business.

Built on these foundational goals, our new pricing will help organizations of all sizes increase access to their data. 

I’m Proud to Announce Splunk’s New Pricing Options: 

  • Predictive Pricing Program: Splunk’s new Predictive Pricing Program, or PPP, is a simple, tiered pricing model for private-sector organizations that provides more predictability and flexibility as these organizations scale their usage. Customers no longer have to forecast the exact ingestion amount, and will have more indexing capacity baked-in giving them more value and opportunity to use data to solve problems.
  • Infrastructure-Based Pricing: For customers who want an alternative pricing metric to data ingestion, infrastructure-based pricing is available. A familiar metric for many in the industry, this metric is determined by the amount of compute power Splunk products have access to.
  • Splunk Enterprise Rapid Adoption Packages: These packages are designed for customers who are just starting to use Splunk for basic, pre-defined IT and security use cases. The packages are available at a lower cost and allow customers to not have to worry about data ingestion in the initial purchase process. Selected use cases align with Splunk Essentials for IT and Security, which gets these customers up and running—and realizing value—quicker than ever.

These updates are an important step in broadening data access throughout the world. When more people are empowered to turn data into doing, they are able to make faster, better decisions that can protect individuals and revitalize communities. 

And that’s only the beginning.

Together, we’re going to keep empowering more people and organizations, from private businesses to the public sector, unleash the power of their data. We’re going to achieve transformative outcomes that improve daily quality of life. We’re going to help society thrive in ways we never thought possible.

Learn more about Splunk’s new pricing to explore how you can expand access to data in your organization. 

Susan St. Ledger

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