Splunk Joins Hyperledger

At Splunk, our mission is to make data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. There is no technology that pairs better with that vision than blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Blockchains give participants access to shared, trusted data and Splunk is the perfect platform to deliver rich operational and business insights into that data. As enterprise blockchain technology graduates from innovation centers to production, infrastructure monitoring, security and business insights will become an essential component of a successful deployment.

Over the past year, Splunk has put together a team to research and develop products to help enterprises bring their blockchains to production. Today, we are excited to announce our membership in Hyperledger as well as our first blockchain product Splunk App for Hyperledger Fabric. This app helps organizations monitor the security, stability and performance of their Hyperledger Fabric network, an essential component of any production infrastructure deployment. As part of this launch, we’ve also open sourced our Splunk Connect for Hyperledger Fabric, a NodeJS app that exports Hyperledger Fabric transactions to an analytical platform like Splunk.

This will be the first in a number of blockchain products we will be launching. We’re also excited to be contributing back to the Hyperledger ecosystem our learnings from deploying this product with our customers. The vision for Hyperledger is impressive and ambitious and Splunk is eager to help make that vision a reality.

Nate McKervey
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Nate McKervey

As Head of Blockchain and DLT at Splunk, Nate leads the product strategy and development of distributed ledger technologies. Previously he ran Technical Marketing to help drive the value Splunk creates by creating compelling product demos and narratives, influencing industry analysts and media, presenting on stage at events and creating technical thought leadership content. He obtained his first Splunk license as a customer in 2006 and in his own words "was instantly hooked!". Nate joined the Splunk Professional Services team in 2012 where he deployed and optimized some of the largest Splunk deployments. In his spare time, he Splunks everything in his home from lights to sprinklers, real-time energy consumption and even his golf swing. Nate has a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Masters in Computer Information Systems from Florida Institute of Technology.