See you at ContainerCon, MesosCon, BayLISA, and Surge!


If you’re going to be at ContainerCon, MesosCon, the BayLISA Meetup, or Surge in the next few weeks, stop by our tables for a demo or chat with our engineers about monitoring metrics, microservices, and containers at scale!



Join us for The New Stack‘s pancake breakfast that kicks off ContainerCon on Tuesday Aug 19th 7:30am! Join us for pancakes and conversation on the real world of operating containers in production. Be sure to sign up to reserve your spot! 





We’re proud to sponsor the MesosCon Hackathon on Wednesday Aug 20th! The hackathon isbeing hosted by Moz at their office in downtown Seattle a short distance from the Sheraton Seattle conference hotel, from 8:30am-5:00pm.

Space is limited, so register ASAP!

We’ll also have a booth at MesosCon itself with engineers giving demos. Stop by to check out how to monitor microservice




SignalFx SRE Warren Turkal will be presenting some AWS network hacking at the BayLISA Meetup on Thursday, August 20th 7:30pm at the Groupon office in Palo Alto.

Making the Sum of AWS Networking Greater than Its Parts—Achieving High Availability in VPCs

“If you’re running in VPC (and you should be by now), what is your network reliability strategy? This talk proposes a method of building flexible, redundant networking for VPC that goes far beyond a single NAT router per VPC. CloudFormation + boto + BGP come together in beautiful harmony for an architecture that you can depend on. Learn about the architecture, how we optimize performance, our implementation in Python and grab the scripts to run your own.”

Stop by for a some food, drinks, and discussion about running systems on AWS!



We’re excited to be sponsoring Surge this year. If you’ve never been, it’s one of the best conferences on scalability and performance around. We’ll have a table for demos and discussion around scaling metrics, streaming analytics, and monitoring microservices.


Paul Ingram, one of our core engineers, will be presenting his work on optimizing Cassandra for use as a timeseries database.

Making Cassandra Perform as a Time Series Database 

“SignalFx ingests, processes, runs analytics against, (and ultimately stores) massive numbers of time series streaming in parallel into the service, which provides a streaming analytics focused monitoring platform for metrics. We’ve chose to build our time series database (TSDB) on Cassandra for it’s read and write performance at high load. This presentation will go over the evolution of optimizations we’ve made to squeeze the most performance out of the TSDB to date, and some steps we’ll be taking in the futures.”

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