Reflections on re:Invent 2017

We spent last week monitoring AWS re:Invent in real real-time, so you could instead focus on the sessions, keynotes, parties, and free swag. Here are the highlights:

  • Customer impact was the unspoken theme of the conference. More than 40,000 attendees showed up to learn how to create experiences and products that are more accessible, more powerful, and more rewarding for both developers and end users.  As infrastructure and hardware have become commodities, every company is looking for other approaches to gain a competitive advantage. It all comes down to the reliability, scalability, security, and pace of development for new products and services. Companies that can iterate rapidly and provide high performance, reliable experiences for their customers have an immense advantage over their competitors.
  • Dr. Werner Vogels starting his keynote on Thursday morning reminiscing on the very first re:Invent five years ago: “We had built technology that meant a lot for our customers and had allowed them to be successful in a way they couldn’t be before.” This enablement of developer has resulted in immense customer value and we can see that in the way that cloud adoption has continued to accelerate.
  • More than 60 new AWS services and feature imprements were announced in Las Vegas, with a large emphasis on compute, machine learning, and IoT. If you missed any of the releases, AWS made it easy to find them all by consolidating everything into a single list
  • SignalFx customer Hubspot showcased how they were able to achieve 99.99% service availability on AWS using Lambda monitoring in their session on Wednesday.
  • Providing better customer services and experiences often means developer and engineers have to work faster.  Lambda is a key accelerator, and it was by far the most popular topic at the SignalFx booth all week.
  • We’ve been seeing the popularity of DevOps culture skyrocket, driven in-part by more transparent and accessible code. With that in-mind, Amazon announced the new AWS Serverless Application Repository – a free collection of serverless applications, code samples, and components for common use cases such as web and mobile back-ends, data processing, chatbots, IoT, and more. 
  • The repository has contributions from developers, companies, and partners, including SignalFx as a featured publisher. These code samples let you get up and running quickly. And with the help of the SignalFx Lambda Wrapper, you’ll have full visibility into the performance of all of your Lambdas. To learn more about the Serverless Application Repository visit the AWS Blog and sign up for the preview.

As you plan for 2018 and how you’ll use all the new AWS services that were just announced, don’t forget to empower your teams with true real-time visibility into the infrastructure, services, applications, containers, and functions that power your business.

P.S.   If you didn’t have a chance to pick up a pair of limited-edition re:Invent SignalFx socks, tweet to us @SignalFx and we’ll send you a pair.

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