New in SignalFx – “What’s New”

At SignalFx, we’re not subtle. Whenever we add new features to our product, we want to make sure everyone knows it. So we’ve added What’s New to the top navigation bar. It’s highlighted when new product changes have appeared since your last visit to SignalFx. Clicking on it opens a list of changes in the product, ordered by the date on which they appeared.

New - What's new

We asked our poet-in-residence for his take on this newest improvement to the SignalFx experience.

           At SignalFx we have a blast
           Releasing new features fast

           We think it helps make us the best
           And separates us from the rest

           However, don’t you wish you knew
           When there is functionality new?

           So the Head of Product Management team
           With passion proclaimed “I, have a dream …”

           Naturally, that set gears in motion
           To implement that useful suggestion

           “What’s New” – the first launch this year
           For all customers far and near

           Right there at the top of the page
           In bold, your eye to engage

           Click on it any time to view
           Latest ‘new’s from the released queue

           We hope this feature you’ll like
           and express your happiness with a mike

           Perhaps, this blog post goes to show
           Our actions have both rhyme and reason – you know?

Rebecca Tortell
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Rebecca Tortell

Rebecca is a product manager with many years of experience helping startups make products that users love. Previously she worked at companies like Turn, Playdom, and Disney Interactive.