Massachusetts Microservices Meetup

Last week the Boston-based SignalFx crew, headed by Solutions Engineer, Rich Schofield presented at the popular Massachusetts Microservices Meetup. Rich spoke about microservices monitoring and the new strategies and solutions that these dynamic and complex environments require. Questions that used to be simple, like “is this working the way it’s supposed to?”, are increasingly more complicated to answer.

In his talk, Rich presented key considerations around achieving the real-time visibility needed to alert and triage important trends as quickly as possible, including:

  • Real-time metrics and analytics
  • Applying context
  • Tag-based monitoring for microservices
  • Shared, self-service access across all groups

We loved talking to current customers and a special thanks to Hubspot for joining us at the meetup. Rich, Jamison and Igor fielded several questions ranging from how our model internally is built completely upon microservices, to the power of using metrics and APM together to get FULL and granular visibility up and down the services stack.

You can check out the slides here and continue the conversation by joining us for a live webinar where we’ll discuss these topics and more.

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