Join Us for Cisco DemoFriday: Monitoring Your Modern Network

Cisco IOS XR 6.0 offers the first iteration of Cisco Streaming Telemetry, a push-based alternative to simple network management protocol (SNMP). Using Streaming Telemetry IOS XR users can gather traditional SNMP information, as well as previously unavailable information, without a MIB, and at a higher granularity than achievable with SNMP.

But, moving to a modern network infrastructure that is more dynamic and responsive can introduce new challenges. How can you monitor an increasingly elastic environment to keep pace with your diverse applications and services? What is the right level of granularity? How do you isolate the signal to make important decisions about your network among all the noise?

Cisco’s IOS XR team has been working with SignalFx to define this next iteration in network performance and visibility. In this week’s DemoFriday on February 5, Cisco will introduce Streaming Telemetry and highlight the ease of integrating modern monitoring and analytics with SignalFx.

Presenting in this DemoFriday will be:

scadoraShelly Cadora

 Principle Engineer, Programmable Networks at Cisco





Adam Zimman

Head of BD and Partnerships at SignalFx




Join SignalFx and Cisco for the SDxCentral DemoFriday on February 5 at 10am PT to learn more about IOS XR 6.0 and network visibility and performance >>

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