Dockercon17: What’s Next

The SignalFx team returned last week from Dockercon in Austin where we spent three amazing days engaging with over 5,000 people in the quickly growing Docker ecosystem and community. SignalFx has been running Docker containers in production since the start of our company in 2013; every application we manage executes within a Docker container. And we’ve never missed a Dockercon. We’re proud to be part of the Docker community. 

A main theme at Dockercon ‘17 was how enterprise organizations are utilizing containers as a means to achieve their digital transformation initiative or, as Metlife put it, moving “from the fountain pen to the cloud.” In fact, a highlight of the Day 2 Keynote was hearing from Metlife, the 150 year old insurance co, who showcased their journey from legacy to containers as “wrap, tap & scrap.” The approach, as they described it, can be summarized as WRAP legacy apps in a container, TAP the data in the app through APIs and finally SCRAP old legacy machines and apps. Aaron Ades, Assistant VP, Solutions Engineering at MetLife, said key benefits are their ability to use the public cloud while reducing the number of Virtual Machines used by 70 percent. Further, “DevOps is transformative, you can move faster and you’re more nimble and that, my friends, is competitive advantage.”

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