SignalFx is Proud to Join the Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner Program!

Today we announced that we’ve joined Docker’s new Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) program in the monitoring category.

Since the advent of the Docker Stats API, we’ve been working on the docker-collectd plugin (Max’s pull requests were merged here and here!).

Now anyone can use SignalFx to monitor their Dockerized apps at any scale with:

  • High resolution: You can send metrics up to and including one second resolution, or any mix of resolutions and see them in streaming dashboards that are updated every second.
  • Streaming and historical analytics: Our SignalFlow™ technology computes and displays the results of your custom analytics pipelines at any scale–like percentiles and time-over-time comparisons across entire fleets–within seconds of the raw data.
  • Multidimensional metrics: All metrics can be multi-dimensional, allowing you to aggregate, filter and model the data however you like, such as the 99th-percentile-of-latency-by-service-and-customer.

Because SignalFx doesn’t limit the kinds of metrics you use in any way, our users can now correlate container-level performance metrics with everything from underlying infrastructure metrics to application performance to end-user behavior and events like code pushes–with beautiful visualizations, powerful analytics, and alerting–all in one place.

Read about the technical details in Max’s post: Monitoring Docker at Scale with SignalFx.

Join us for a free webinar on Operationalizing Docker with monitoring »

Aneel Lakhani

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