Webinar: How to use Log Files to Create Advanced Analytics and Reporting

On Wednesday, Nov 16th at 9 am PDT, Peter Zadrozny, Developer Evangelist at Splunk (and author of many Java based books and ex-CTO of BEA Systems Europe), will be presenting on “How to Use Log files to Create Advanced Analytics and Reporting”.

In this webinar Peter will discuss:

  • Importance of building a better foundation for your applications
  • Better logging practices to embed in-depth analysis functions within your application
  • Using the freely available operational information in logs for effective and intelligent reporting and analytics for your application
  • Strategic value that Splunk delivers in driving operational and business value through reporting and analytics

This presentation will be followed by an audience Q&A.

Mark your calendars – register here for the live webinar.

Priya Balakrishnan

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