The Really Big Story: Splunk Your Media Site

By now, you may have already read the compelling story about web analytics and Splunk that seemed to make it to the ends of the earth last week. You can read it here and here. I’ll summarize the story for you: Splunking their web site gives a large media organization the ability to access, in nearly real-time, vital information about site visitors and listeners. If you thought Splunk was ‘just’ a security tool or ‘just’ a log manager, this story explodes that myth. This story is powerful because in one quick read it demonstrates the true power of Splunk. That is, if you’re in business, and your business depends in any part on IT functions, then Splunk isn’t just some nice tool to have around – it’s essential to running a better business.

In one simple story, you can read about something that no other single software vendor could have done, at least not without involving square parts, round holes, and unwieldy customizations provided by the software vendor. In this case, the customer was able to self-serve, utilizing core features of Splunk that are turned on by default, right out of ‘the box.’ This is because Splunk, more so than anything else, gives you the ability to tie together marketing and sales data with your IT systems and services data. And because most 21st-century businesses require these things to operate efficiently, Splunk emerges as a must-have killer app needed to achieve operational intelligence.

In a dog-eat-dog competitive world, if you haven’t deployed Splunk, you’re already behind. Don’t be the guy who, after a budget-busting calamity, says, “I should have splunked IT.”

Paul Sanford

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