Splunkulo Nimbus – Global Data To Everything Stories (in the Cloud)

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all doing OK. Wherever you are in moving workloads to the cloud, you’re going to need to take your data cirrus-ly (sorry – I promise that’s the last awful dad joke in this post). All puns aside – the move to the cloud, be that to SaaS, a PaaS or IaaS, is going to generate data. You can use that cloud-generated data to help ensure you’re secure, operating your cloud services effectively, monitoring your applications and delivering the right experience to your customers, partners or users. 

Splunk Cloud

I’m a sucker for a good customer story and wanted to share some of our best global Splunk Cloud examples covering a wide range of use cases. 

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is using Splunk Cloud and it is part of the government’s G-Cloud offering. The NHS is using Splunk to deliver real-time visibility of the service experience, manage cybersecurity incidents and visualize real-time data to empower key decision-makers. You can find out more about one of their use cases with this case study

FINRA (the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) has moved to Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise Security as their SIEM. FINRA has to protect a huge amount of data from as many as 100 billion financial transactions a day. A lot of this data comes from a variety of AWS data sources and over 170 applications. You can read their case study here

The US Census Bureau is one of America’s first data organizations and going into the 2020 census they have 35 operations and 52 systems. Splunk will be acting as their data platform delivering real-time insights to inform how teams as varied as security, IT, application, middleware, and senior leadership approach questions, make decisions and turn data into action.

The City of Gold Coast was hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2018. The event team was faced with the need to mitigate significant risk and a heightened threat environment. They turned to Splunk Cloud to make sure they had real-time visibility into safety and security around the games with consolidated monitoring and investigation capabilities.

PaddyPower Betfair (a UK FTSE 100 gaming company) is using Splunk Cloud and indexing up to 13TB on busy days. On one of these busy days (The Grand National Horse Race) and with limited time to go until the next race, the team found and fixed an issue within 10 minutes using Splunk. This maintained the smooth experience for customers and ensured they minimised potential revenue loss. Their SplunkLive! video can be found here.

REI (US-based outdoor clothing and equipment retailer) were transforming their organization by implementing a cloud and DevSecOps approach to their IT. They had moved to AWS and selected Splunk Cloud to enable their security, application, core infrastructure and DevOps teams to make decisions driven by analytics. 

Find out more on the Splunk Cloud homepage and give it a go with the free trial. 

If you're celebrating Easter, have an “egg-cellent” break. I couldn't resist one more poultry dad joke (or yolk?). As always, thanks for reading and take care. 


Matt Davies
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Matt Davies

Matt is Splunk's VP, Customer Marketing (and part time Chief Colouring-In Officer). He's working closely with Splunk customers to help them understand the value that new insights from machine data can deliver to their business. Matt is also one of Splunk's technical evangelists and communicates Splunk's go to market strategy in the region. Previously Matt has worked at Cordys, Oracle/BEA, Elata, Broadquay Consulting, iPlanet/Sun, Netscape and IBM. With nearly 25 years in the software industry, Matt has extensive knowledge of enterprise IT systems.


Splunkulo Nimbus – Global Data To Everything Stories (in the Cloud)

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