SplunkBase Gets a Big Face Lift


Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t but SplunkBase got a big face lift last week. We have a really amazing team of people who have been taking all your input and revitalizing our community IT knowledge base over the last several months. Our goal is to keep plugging away and innovate different ways to enable the sharing of IT knowledge and cool ways to use Splunk. We’re also now eating our own dog food. Splunk support is now using SplunkBase to support our own products and services.

So what’s new?

  • Answers – a large and growing set of answers about Splunk, IT events and different types of technologies that generate a lot of IT data.
  • How-To’s – more in-depth recipes for everything from configuring syslog-ng to how to understand Ruby On Rails logging
  • Events – a library of contributed event types including punctuation patterns, tags, descriptions and more
  • Add-Ons – the beginning of an architecture for sharing all kinds of Splunk goodies. You’ll find downloadable event types, searches, reports, custom data input scripts and configurations. My personal favorite is the OS Monitoring Add-on.

I say add-ons “architecture” because over time we’ll be extending the whole add-ons facility to make it really easy to create and share Splunk configurations and functionality.

I can’t thank enough the incredibly talented team driving SplunkBase forward including Patrick McGovern, Gareth Watts, Dee-Ann LeBlanc, Micah Delfino and Jef Bekes.

Stay tuned for even more SplunkBase goodness to come.

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