Myriad Genetics and Splunk at Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2017

The following is a guest blog post by Larry Shatzer, Operational Intelligence Engineer, Myriad Genetics.

At Myriad our mission is to transform patients’ lives with pioneering molecular diagnostics and be the global leader in personalized medicine. It all starts with collecting biological samples at your doctor’s office. These are sent to our labs where we analyze genetic markers to predict your risk of developing diseases; and how a disease might progress or affect  different kinds of treatments. As you can imagine this is a complex and intricate process;  robots help a lot.

Our labs utilize  100’s of robots and systems that run in unison to ensure that the process progresses efficiently and effectively. For us real-time analytics is critical,  it ensures uptime, and gives us  visibility into this complex process.  This enables us to catch errors early in the process to save time and costs.

I am delighted to be sharing how Myriad Genetics is leveraging the Splunk platform at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit to be held in Grapevine, Texas from March 6-9.  In my presentation, I will discuss the business and technology needs that Splunk enables us to fulfill, the reasons we chose Splunk as a real-time machine operational intelligence platform, and how it helps us run our diagnostic laboratories efficiently. I will finish the presentation by sharing details of exciting use cases that we have planned  with Splunk. Here are the session details:

What is in your genes? Myriad Genetics transforms genetic diagnostic laboratories operations with Splunk

Thursday 3/9 -- 9:00-9:30am

I hope to see you there!

Larry Shatzer

Operational Intelligence Engineer, Myriad Genetics


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Myriad Genetics and Splunk at Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2017

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