Meet your Splunk Hackathon builders: Splunk App for Varnish

Dale Neufeld {team name: “Mighty Canadian Beaver”, spirit animal: “Mighty Canadian Beaver”} was one of the awesome app builders that participated in Splunk’s first App Builder Contest at .conf2012.

Neufeld built a Splunk App for Varnish. Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites.

The Splunk for Varnish App provides the ability to monitor Varnish servers and consists of a Ruby script to gather data from Varnish as scripted input, Dashboards and macros to enable monitoring and investigation of Varnish servers.

When demoing his app, Neufeld commented that he had been meaning to spend a little time putting together a Varnish App for his production Splunk deployment and thought the Hackathon would be the perfect opportunity. Neufeld started and finished the Splunk for Varnish App during the 4h event. The judges loved this real world use case and agreed there is no time like the present.

Thanks to Neufeld and all the other Hackathon participants for making this event great.

Neufeld published the Splunk for Varnish App on GitHub.
Follow Neufeld at @dale_neufeld on Twitter.

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