Congratulations to the 2016-17 SplunkTrust MVPs!!!

splunktrust_square_logoWelcome back from .conf2016, everyone! It’s been a tremendous good time for all of us at Splunk, and we’re hoping those of you who were able to join us got as much out of it as we did. Among the other opportunities we took to recognize our outstanding customers and partners this year was the announcement of this year’s SplunkTrust Community MVPs.

We created the SplunkTrust Community MVP program to recognize our community’s top contributors, and to involve them in planning and policy decisions as our community grows. These community members have shown the very highest level of commitment to helping others succeed with Splunk, and are the second year’s SplunkTrust member roster:


2016-17 SplunkTrust inductees with Doug Merritt and Rachel Perkins

2016-17 SplunkTrust inductees with CEO Doug Merritt. Photo Credit: Damien Dallimore

  • Aleem Cummins
  • Bernardo “Bernie” Macias
  • Charlie “teddybfez” Huggard
  • Chris “xoff” Kurtz
  • David “Automine” Shpritz
  • Doug “trustedsubject” Brown
  • Duane “Duckfez” Waddle
  • George Starcher
  • Javier Garcia Nieva
  • Kate Lawrence-Gupta
  • Kyle “alacercogitatus” Smith
  • Mark Runals
  • Martin “martin_m” Mueller
  • Mason Morales
  • Matt “muebel” Uebel
  • Michael “JKat54” Bentley
  • Michael “MuS” Uschmann
  • Mika “my2ndhead” Borner
  • Mike “mlanghor” Langhorst
  • Nick “sideview” Mealy
  • Rich “richfez” Mahlerwein
  • Ryan “artie73” Thibodeaux
  • Sherman Smith
  • Somesh “somesoni2” Soni
  • Steve “skoelpin” Koelpin
  • Sundaresh “sundareshr” Ramanathan
  • Tony “treinke” Reinke
  • Nadine “vraptor” Miller (honorary)
  • Rich Galloway (honorary)

In addition to the highly-prized Splunk fez, this year’s SplunkTrust members receive a free pass to .conf2017, a membership pin, and free access to all Splunk EDU training courses and certifications through .conf2017.

SplunkTrust members are entitled to use the SplunkTrust logo on their public/professional profiles on sites such as LinkedIn, and will have the logo added to their profile on Splunk Answers. We’ll be gathering the members together several times throughout the year to develop the program, and to get input from the group on product plans and Splunk community policy.

Membership in the SplunkTrust is renewable annually; we expect the program to grow year over year (we went from 22 members to 28 this year), and for each year’s members to be involved in the selection process for the following year’s roster.

If you know one of our Splunk Community Trustees, congratulate them! They worked hard to be here, and they deserve your respect and admiration. My thanks goes out to each and every member!

We’re looking forward to a fantastic year, hope to see you around on #splunk IRC, our Splunk User Groups Slack chat, or on Splunk Answers!

rachel perkins

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