Automating getting data into Splunk

Calling all power Splunkers out there – if you have figured out a new way to get data to Splunk let me know!

I’m writing a piece to be posted to our website soon that will talk about the different ways to implement data inputs for Splunk. It’ll cover the options available for things like getting live data from files and the event log on Windows, dealing with different topologies and policies, getting data from J2EE appservers, etc. We’re also going to be putting more step-by-step instructions on each major method into the documentation. I know about a lot of different approaches but I’m sure many of you have figured out new ones.

Email me at if you’ve got a cool approach other Splunkers should know about.

And if you’re looking for ways to get data in yourself, watch for this piece to get posted to our Solutions area. And always feel free to comment on this blog or post to the general help forum with specific data input configuration questions.

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