That happened: episode 19

This week in “That happened: notes from #splunk”, a blog about the goings-on in the Splunk IRC channel: Disappointing your mother, viral videos in the making, nationalistic beverage pride, and a French lesson.

Will the REAL Sorkin please stand up!

Aaron Sorkin’s mother is probably disappointed he isn’t our Sorkin.

<mlanghor> anyone else watching the new Sorkin show?
<derkferz> mlanghor: ?
* alacer doesn’t have cable, dish, etc
* ^Brian^ has fios 😛
<mlanghor> derkferz: The Newsroom
<mlanghor> on HBO
<derkferz> mlanghor: oh .. that sorkin – I thought you meant sorkin of splunk fame
<derkferz> the OTHER sorkin lol
<mlanghor> oh, lol.
<mlanghor> Aaron Sorkin
<^Brian^> haha
<derkferz> he’s not even a Dr. is he?

…And while we’re on the subject of stardom:

This week, we released some video teasers for .conf 2012 featuring some of our own #splunk denizens:

Amrit argues with himself about which of his two presentations will be best.
Octavio horses around in the glue factory.
Drew reassures his little pals eval and outputlookup.

CaffeiNational pride twofer

Surely there is a new Olympic sport in here somewhere:

<Nerf> I normally have about 2 cups of coffee a month.  Due to an ordering error at Starbucks, I was given an Americano and a Red-eye.  I drank them both.  HOLY CAFFINATION!
* duckfez waits for Nerf to shake at his building’s resonant frequency
<ftk> isn’t americano the watered down coffee
<ftk> so amaericano+red eye = normal cup of coffee?
<@jlaw> americano is espresso + water, right?
<ftk> no clue
<JoeTron> jlaw: that is correct
<JoeTron> shot of espresso with hot water
<JoeTron> A single shot of espresso with about 7 ounces of hot water added to the mix. The name for this coffee drink stemmed from an insult to ‘uncouth’ Americans who weren’t up to drinking full espressos.
<@jlaw> aha.
<duckfez> JoeTron: but can these people trying to insult us drink their beers while shooting their rifles out their pickup truck windows?
<ftk> duckfez: yes
<JoeTron> absolutely
<duckfez> ftk: no fair, you’ve lived in Florida for waaay too long
<ftk> you can do anything in the favelas
<JoeTron> all while pulling a shot of espresso
<JoeTron> true story

<jspears> splunkers!
<Drainy> assemble!
<jspears> I’ll form the… the part that enjoys the coffee!

Half of Splunk Support is rumored to be French…

But it’s clear that none of them took part in this conversation:

<Ayn> evening
<Drainy> Bonjour
<Ayn> bon soir
<Drainy> ca’va?
<Ayn> oui, ca va. et toi?
<Ayn> est-ce que tu a une baguette?
<Ayn> pamplemousse?
<@jlaw> parapluie!
<Drainy> Je suis un maison?
<Ayn> oh la la!
<wilco> ah-ha-ha-ha-hah!
<Drainy> ok I’m going to have to bail on the french now
<Drainy> my housemate is away for a few more days so I struggle at anything after Bonjour
<wilco> je ne parlez pas francais
<Ayn> au contraire!

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