SplunkLive Experience

sl_orlandoAs a CIO in a high tech company, its always great to get the chance to either speak on behalf of the company or hear from customers who are excited about your products. Last week I had both experiences at SplunkLive Orlando. Best was to hear three customers Satcom Direct, Century Link, and PSCU.  Between these, we had a database architect, security architect and VP Technology & Development all share how much of a difference Splunk had made in solving problems they could not have addressed in the past.

Favorite quotes: David from PSCU noted that for security use cases they were able to laser focus on what interested them and eliminate background noise.  Khalid from Century Link noted they have 150 regular users and 500 unique named users – and calls them a community of “Splunkies.”  When I came here a few years ago we talked a lot about how Metro PCS saved on routing calls on prepaid cellular plans, saving major sums of cash – to top that, Ken from Satcom Direct noted they use Splunk similarly, but they adjust call routing from in flight aircraft between satellites!  Nice day in Florida…

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