Getting Down to the Wire: How’s Your Karma Score Trending?

http://www.splunk.com/view/SP-CAAAG3BA few weeks ago we announced the: “Where Will Your Karma Take You Awards Contest.” The contest is your chance to ratchet up your participation in Splunk’s online community so you can earn a free pass to Splunk’s ultimate community and educational event: .conf2012.

Current standings for each of the categories:

Most up voted question:

  1. MahieuFinding events that have never happened before
  2. clyde772Slow search when evaluating a numeric value.
  3. aniketbupdating a lookup table by external means
  4. andrew_garvinSetup screen with credentials and multiple endpoints

Most points accumulated from answering questions (Whew! It’s close at the top!):

  1. dwaddle (640)
  2. ayn (630)
  3. sideview (450)–Don’t miss his session: Easier View Deployment with Sideview Utils
  4. mhibbin (260)
  5. drainy (210)–Don’t miss his session: Splunking Your Network Infrastucture

Most downloaded app from Splunkbase Apps:

  1. sideviewSideview Utils (1269)
  2. Luke Harris: Splunk for Nagios (198)
  3. josh 1Splunk License Usage (197)
  4. bojanzWindows Security Operations Center (179)
  5. southeringtonpSplunk for OSSEC – Splunk v4 version (177)

Most points overall:

  1. ayn (1176)
  2. dwaddle (924)
  3. sideview (864)
  4. mhibbin (471)
  5. kristian.kolb (448)
Remember you can track your Karma points by clicking on your profile under the users tab and selecting karma history.
Track your Karma under the users tab
Track your Karma by clicking on your profile under the users tab

How is your Karma score trending? Less than 4 days for you to ascend to the top of the rankings–then launch your  #datajourney to .conf2012.

And speaking of trending, there are several sessions at .conf2012 to help you master trending and other statistical calculations in Splunk.

Full details + legal stuff are here. Leave a comment or email us.

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