Developer Platform Announcements at .conf2011

Our goal is to create an ecosystem of developers around the world targeting Splunk as a platform.  A critical enabler is to have developer focused content and resources that establishes what you can do with Splunk.

Here is a quick recap of the developer platform announcements that we made at this year’s user conference.

Developer Focused .conf2011 Announcements

  • New Python SDK Preview. Hosted on GitHub  – https://github.com/splunk/splunk-sdk-python We are providing the SDK as open source and are offering a lot of examples, command line utilities and example applications to get you up and coding a lot faster and with fewer lines of code.
  • Updated REST API Documentation.  This update to the REST documentation marks our most extensive documentation yet of the REST API and is a significant step forward.  Accurate and extensive documentation is something that developers just expect.  Effective documentation of the API will speed understanding of Splunk all-up.
  • New Developer Focused Website –  I am pleased to announce that we have released a new developer website – http://dev.splunk.com.  The goal for the site is to give developers context on what it means to develop on Splunk, give you the tools to get started and the tutorials to continue their engagement as they become more familiar with Splunk.
  • PowerShell Resource Kit.  Hosted on GitHub – https://github.com/splunk/splunk-reskit-powershell We are creating a PowerShell resource kit focused around licensing and administration.

What Can You do with the Splunk Developer Platform?

There are a number of things that you could with the Splunk developer platform.  These are just a few.

  • Custom user interfaces to be built on top of Splunk.  Splunk web is amazing, but there may be situations in which you need to have your own UI.
  • Custom workflows.  This refers to those scenarios where you to do take a specific actions based on the events that you are seeing and then applying some of your own business rules.
  • Data integration.  We all know that the value of data grows more people have access to it in a format that is intuitive and familiar to them.  Taking data from Splunk and integrating it into reporting and portal tools will be a great value add for our customers.  You could also imagine taking data from Splunk and moving it to a traditional data warehouse for additional analytics.

Reporting Integration Code Sample

We actually wrote an example showing how to surface Splunk data through a reporting tool.  You can check it out here


We Want to Hear from You!

We want to hear your feedback on everything from the docs, to the website, to the code itself and anything else.  Just let us know – devinfo@splunk.com.  We are on Twitter too – @splunkdev.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a list of frequently asked questions on the new website.  You can find it here – http://dev.splunk.com/view/SP-CAAADRT.  If you have other questions, etc.  don’t hesitate to reach out.

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