Announcing Splunk ITSI 4.0: Predictive Analytics for Real-Time Insights, Simplified Operations, and Root-Cause Isolation

For those of you at .conf18, you heard and saw in our keynote that we’ve delivered a milestone for Splunk IT Service Intelligence with our 4.0 release and new predictive capabilities and powerful integrations across our portfolio of IT solutions.

Legacy Tools Limit Your Scope and Silo Your Data

Let’s face it, legacy tools just aren’t cutting it these days. Oftentimes these tools silo your data, provide only partial views, and hinder your productivity. The few tools that might be capable of ingesting more of your data usually just end up drowning your teams with it, rarely providing them with actionable insights. And almost all of these legacy tools lack the predictive capabilities you need to get ahead of problems.

Rick Fitz, senior vice president and general manager of IT markets at Splunk, remarked that IT environments are becoming more complex and dynamic, and that teams are under pressure to make sense of a growing collection of data and engage the right teams to take the right actions with what they find.

You Need A Better Way to Predict and Prevent Problems

Splunk ITSI 4.0 employs our powerful AI (artificial intelligence) to enable predictive analytics and a unified view of IT and business services that can help you shift from reactive to predictive IT. “The ability to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict service degradation and prevent issues allows these teams to focus on driving value for the business,” said Rick; “We make smart IT teams smarter with a platform that brings together all the data to provide complete visibility.”

Our latest predictive features and integrations enable your teams and leaders to better manage environments and maximize performance.

  1. KPI Predictions 
    We’re excited to deliver deeper insights into a potential health degradation with KPI Predictions. These utilize the breadth of data in the platform to help predict KPIs like customer experience, application workload, and infrastructure health, in order to identify issues or outages in advance.
  2. Predictive Cause Analysis 
    This new feature helps you drill down into the specific services underlying a predicted issue to proactively remediate and resolve it before customer experience is impacted.
  3. Robust Integrations
    ITSI + VictorOps + Splunk App for Infrastructure = WIN

We’ve also announced powerful integrations between ITSI and VictorOps and between ITSI and Splunk Insights for Infrastructure (SII). With VictorOps, which Splunk recently acquired, you can streamline the monitoring, detection, alerting, and response process so that the right people can be engaged with timely information to collaboratively resolve an issue. And with Splunk App for Infrastructure, SII’s robust monitoring for things like server health are now available via their own app in ITSI, delivering one full-scale platform for end-to-end monitoring from infrastructure to all of your business/IT services.





What Can You Do Next?

If you already have a Splunk ITSI license, you'll be able to download the latest version of Splunk IT Service Intelligence with these enhancements on October 19 from Splunkbase. In the meantime, you can:

  • Learn how TransUnion uses Splunk ITSI to predict and prevent outages and improve transaction performance
  • Learn about our other exciting launch announcements for IT, security, platform, IOT and more
  • Register for our Splunk ITSI 4.0 webinar

If you’re attending .conf18, you won’t want to miss the session "IT1396 - TransUnion and a Time Traveling Delorean: MTTR Fading Like Marty McFly," which dives into how Splunk ITSI helps TransUnion achieve negative MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) by reaching a predictive and preventative state. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the Splunk ITSI sessions by seasoned ITSI Splunkers, partners and customers that you can choose from.

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