Monitor. Troubleshoot. Analyze.

Existing Hadoop monitoring tools show the status of the Hadoop cluster and MapReduce jobs but lack visibility into the underlying infrastructure and software dependencies, including the network, switches, racks, operating system and backups. With the Splunk App for HadoopOps you can monitor, troubleshoot and analyze your Hadoop cluster and the associated hardware and software infrastructure spanning multiple data centers to gain a more complete view of your end-to-end Hadoop environment.

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  • Get a centralized view of your complete Hadoop environment
  • Generate alerts showing warnings or errors
  • Analyze real-time and historical MapReduce job performance
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Why Splunk for HadoopOps?

Monitor and troubleshoot your Hadoop infrastructure in real time.

Manage MapReduce Jobs

Rapidly sort, filter and report on performance metrics, time, status, user or resource usage.

Monitor Workloads

Identify concurrent job workloads that may impact or be impacted by failures or bottlenecks.

Track Operational Logs

Create a definitive record of user activity across your cluster and provide role-based access to Splunk searches.

Heat Map Visualizations

Visualize your cluster's resource usage using a real-time heat map of key performance metrics.

View Hadoop Configurations

See the software and hardware configuration of each node and daemon in the Hadoop cluster.

Search Logs

Use Splunk search for the real-time display of information from all Hadoop, Linux, database and network log files.