Security & Remote Access During this New Normal

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, every organization is undergoing unprecedented changes and shifting the demands. Technology plays a critical role in keeping essential services functioning and delivering assistance where and when needed, especially at this time, and Splunk is committed to helping in this effort. Splunk has curated some short term solutions to help organizations overcome current challenges while offering its traditional suite of solutions to ensure strategic advantage.

Review webinar series to learn more about how operationalizing your data can help empower IT and security teams to:

  • Secure a remote workforce, including monitoring anomalous activity, remote access events, and data exfiltration points
  • Scale services on-demand to deliver acceptable levels of end-user experience
  • Manage a fully remote workforce and empowering helpdesk and support teams
  • Maintain uptime and continuity of mission-critical applications

Session #1 - Ensure a safe and productive remote workforce

Session #2 - Secure and scale on-demand your VPN and other remote access applications

Session #3 - Drive efficient collaboration among remote teams

Session #4 - Relieve fatigue and focus on mission-critical initiatives with automation

Session #5 - Use real-time data to monitor & manage your distance learning environment