Industrial Data and the Internet of Things

Come and visit us at the world’s leading tradeshow for industrial technology in Hannover, Germany.

Splunk software provides a scalable and versatile platform for machine data generated by all of the devices, control systems, sensors, SCADA, networks, applications and end users connected by today's networks.

Visit us at Hannover Messe and learn how real-time and predictive analytics from Splunk can help manufacturers identify and diagnose issues to improve availability and performance and reduce costly downtime. Working with Splunk, organizations like DBCargo and Shaw Industries are getting an integrated view into the health of their critical assets, allowing them to shift operations from reactive to proactive.

  • Gain real-time insights and predictive maintenance across critical industrial systems and assets
  • Improve operational efficiency through reduced asset downtime and increased availability
  • Quickly diagnose costly operational issues by correlating data across OT, IT and IoT systems
  • Move from reactive to proactive in your operations by detecting patterns, trends and anomalies

Splunk Stand at Hannover Messe - Splunk Location: Hall 6 Stand C50

Abstract: As part of the DB 2020 digital transformation initiative, DB Cargo is implementing a "Rolling Stock Intelligence" program with projects including TechLOK (locomotive 4.0) and Asset Intelligence (freight cars 4.0). In partnership with Splunk, DB Cargo has used Big Data and IoT to develop a locomotive analytical platform to optimize maintenance and improve operational procedures, resulting in less downtime. The scope of this platform will include condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance. To date, the TechLOK project has connected 900+ locomotives to this platform, with plans to have around 2000 intelligent locomotives in use throughout Europe by 2019. For DB Cargo, IoT means high customer satisfaction due to real-time planning processes with high-availability.

Splunk Customer Presentation:
Title: Internet of (big rolling) Things @DB Cargo’s European Rolling Stock
Speaker: Mathias Thomas, DB Cargo
When: 04/25/18 11:00 – 11:30
Where: Forums Industrie 4.0 meets the Industrial Internet (Hall)

Abstract: Join this talk to explore how to secure communications and operations in industrial and IoT environments taking an analytics driven approach. By collecting machine data generated from ICS, SCADA and IoT systems organizations that utilize those insights can spot and proactively act on anomalies in real time. Within the context of IT/OT convergence a platform that allows organizations to easily correlate data across many diverse applications and devices is essential to improve the overall security posture and ensure safety and security throughout an IoT or production-line lifecycle. Learn about real world examples from leading European organizations how they utilize machine data in a centralized platform to address growing challenges in industrial cyber security and be prepared for the future.

Splunk Presentations:
Title: Analytics driven cybersecurity in industrial environments and the IoT
Speaker: Philipp Drieger, Splunk Sales Engineer
When: 04/26/18 16:00 - 16:20
Where: Forum Industrial Security (Hall 6)

Splunk Theater Presentations

  • Introduction to Splunk Using Machine Data in Industrial Applications with Splunk
  • Predictive Maintenance - Ensuring Availability of Your Most Critical Industrial Assets
  • Real-time Analytics with Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence
  • OT Security- Best Practices to Avoid Production Disruption

Splunk Theater Presentation:
When: Daily 04/23/18 – 04/25/18
Where: At Splunk Stand, Location: Hall 6 Stand C50

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