Analytics-Driven Container Monitoring & Troubleshooting

If you’re already using Splunk software to monitor your IT environments, you’re well on your way to effective container monitoring. Many of the data sources you’re collecting and analyzing are the same ones you need for container monitoring and troubleshooting.

Join us in booth G25 and learn how you can leverage a single solution to:

  • Monitor and analyze container data and enable IT operations analytics
  • Monitor container performance to ensure containers are available, and that issues are fixed quickly with minimal effort
  • Help you gain insight on container resource usage, cluster capacity, and the service impact of increasing cluster use for a specific service
  • Gain better service context and accelerate root-cause analysis by indexing, searching and correlating container-based data with data from the entire technology stack
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Come See Our Sessions

How a Large Media Company Uses Splunk for Analytics-Driven Container Performance and Logging

Presented by: Christian Ruschke, Head of IT Operations @
Marc Chene, Product Manager @ Splunk
Wednesday 4/19
11:15am - 11:35am
Ecosystem B

Building the Super-Dynamic Demo Center

Presented by: Michael Wilde, Chief of Black Ops and White Lies @ Splunk
Tuesday 4/18

Morning Yoga Sessions with Splunk

Hilton Austin | Room 400/402
Tuesday 4/18 & Wednesday 4/19