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Announcing Splunk and Tableau strategic technology alliance:

We’re very excited to announce the alliance between Splunk and Tableau Software that extends machine data insights to Tableau users. As part of a joint technology investment, the latest version of Tableau software (8.1.4) includes Splunk Enterprise as a native data source using Splunk’s recently launched ODBC driver. The integration provides Tableau users direct access to saved searches within Splunk Enterprise 6 from Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, using Splunk’s new ODBC driver, for further data exploration and visualization.

The joint investment supports the following needs:

Makes it easier for Tableau users to gain machine data insights – Business users who are more familiar with Tableau can now explore machine data from Splunk Enterprise, enabling new business insights from a rapidly growing class of data that previously was difficult to access and harness.

Familiar visualizations and analytics – Tableau users can leverage familiar interactive visual analytics capabilities to gain new insights from machine data in Splunk Enterprise. These capabilities are complementary to the real-time and historical visualizations and analytics across large data sets in Splunk Enterprise.

Correlate machine data with other structured data – The integration enables users to correlate, analyze, and visualize machine data with other structured data for advanced business analytics.

How does the integration work?


Watch a video that shows off the integration capabilities at -

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