Matt St. John

Matt St. John

Matt's love of writing and editing brought him to work at Splunk. While his background is in reporting—his writing has been featured in Vice, El Pais, and the East Bay Express—he now edits technical writing at Splunk Answers, and also contributes to the Smart AnSwerS blog series. Dangling modifiers and commas splices beware: There’s a new editor in town.

Official Title:

Community Content Specialist

What You Really Do:

Edit and moderate content at Splunk Answers, the one stop shop for all your Splunk related queries.


Writing, guitar, running through the park, traveling, eating while traveling, eating pretty much anywhere, movies, yoga & burritos

Favorite Quote:

“My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them."

– Mitch Hedberg

Favorite Movie:

Raising Arizona

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