Liz Fedak

Liz Fedak

Liz joined Splunk after falling in love with machine data. Before this serendipitous discovery, she focused her energy on nonprofits and news publication in the Bay Area. (She runs a neighborhood newspaper in the Haight and is a partner in the SFNNA). Liz also runs a nonprofit with Sunshine Powers, which aims to stimulate human-centered solutions/leadership for community challenges. When she’s not working, Liz also loves sports and writing. Deathly afraid of water snakes.

Official Title:

Community Content Specialist

What You Really Do:

I help moderate the Answers forum and encourage Splunkers to participate in the Splunk community.

First Day at Splunk:

Everyone stopped working for a belated “Cinco de Mayo” office party, so I indulged in churros & a margarita. I was sold on Splunk.

tl;dr: May 11, 2017


Writing, reading, philosophy, running, cycling, swimming, soccer, yoga, community, camping, traveling, Whiskey Wednesday

Favorite Quote:

“Beyond the fiction of reality, there is the reality of the fiction.”

– Slavoj Zizek

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