Jon Rooney

Jon Rooney is head of product marketing at Splunk. He joined Splunk in 2012, having formerly served as Splunk’s senior director of ITOA solutions marketing and as director of developer marketing. In his five years as a Splunker, Jon has spearheaded Splunk’s developer outreach, given many presentations on the Splunk developer platform, Splunk of DevOps and Splunk for ITOps, and led the IT Ops marketing team. Before Splunk, he worked in marketing and product management at Microsoft for a number of developer platform offerings (Windows Azure, Silverlight, ASP.NET), served at a handful of now-departed startups in San Francisco and stockpiled air miles as a consultant at Accenture back when it was still Andersen Consulting. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, his exposure to mass market red licorice was limited to Twizzlers. Red Vines didn’t cross his path until he moved West in his early 20s. In Jon's words, "I was raised right."

Official Title:

Head of Product Marketing

What You Really Do:

Wrestle with PowerPoint, condense all complex thought to a series of 3 bullet points.

Your 1st Day at Splunk:

May 7, 2012


European horror cinema of the 1970’s, Miles Davis’ electric period, Harris tweed.

Favorite Quote:

"Fear no man and very few animals."

- Coach Mike "Stumpy" Coyne

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