Blake Moore

Blake Moore is the Senior Director of Operations & Chief of Staff for Security at Splunk. Previously, Mr. Moore served as a US government executive and the first Deputy Director of Intelligence at the US Cyber Command, Cyber National Mission Force—as well as in a variety of cyber intelligence positions across the Department of Defense. He holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University, American Military University, and studied Cyber Security Law and Policy at Syracuse.

Official Title:

Senior Director of Operations & Chief of Staff

What You Really Do:

I herd cats and keep plates spinning in the air to prevent them from hitting the ground.

Your First Day at Splunk:

#unique #180fromgovernmentwork


Fantasy football, self-improvement, non-profit work around cyber intelligence and national security, and spending time with family

Favorite Quote:

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking” –General George S. Patton Jr

Favorite Movie:

Old School

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