Alexa Araneta

Alexa Araneta

After being educated at UC Berkeley and wearing many hats in the non-profit world, Alexa joined Splunk with the intention of wearing one hat and she’s been loving it. Alexa started on the Community team where she got to know our awesome users and fez-adorned Splunk champions. Now she’s currently supporting Security Product Marketing efforts around Splunk Enterprise Security. Also, if you have an Amazon Alexa joke for her, she’s heard it before.

Official Title:

Product Marketing Manager

What You Really Do:

I write about how Splunk is awesome at solving customer challenges while keeping my laptop camera covered.


Perfecting cookie recipes, traveling, listening to 90s hip-hop and R&B, obsessing over fonts, and appreciating the Oxford comma.

Favorite Album:

“Black to Black” by Amy Winehouse

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