Build a Recipe for Success with Chef and Splunk

Move over Iron Chef Morimoto, there’s a new chef in town. Or in Chi-Town that is.

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Give me my coat and call me Iron Chef Eger cause I’ve been busy cooking up a storm gearing up for ChefConf 2018.

ChefConf brings together the DevOps community for a week of insightful, disruptive, and thought-provoking conversations driving digital change in IT. Taking place in Chicago, May 22nd to the 25th, DevOps, Automation, and Compliance professionals from all around the globe are gathering together to learn new strategies and skills to automate and improve the entire application development and management lifecycle.

Splunk and Chef have been working together to release a new App and Add-on that will help customers use Chef Automate, Inspec, and Habitat. Hang tight cause we’re still tweaking and perfecting the recipe, but plan to release them in a few months. In the meantime, we are cooking up new ideas around the community projects and will be talking about the Chef Cookbook and how the community has made it possible for other customers to deploy Splunk in their environment. We’ll be showing off a few examples and talking about the future of our relationship with Chef.

If you plan on attending ChefConf and are hungry to learn more about how you can use both Splunk and Chef to bring success to your organization, then be sure to attend my cooking show session on May 24th at 3:30pm, "Build a recipe for success with Chef and Splunk." I promise it’ll be fun, informative, and your craving for DevOps knowledge will be greatly satisfied.

Hope to see you there, Allez cuisine!

Domnick Eger
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Domnick Eger

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