Congrats to the Winner of the January 2018 Karma Competition on Splunk Answers!

There is much love to go around for the Splunk community, especially for our top contributors on Splunk Answers. Looking at some numbers the past several years for the month of January, the user community posted 1,074 answers on the forum in 2016 and 1,338 answers in 2017. This year, the community contributed a total of almost 1,700 answers in January! *happy dance* A BIG thank you is due to everyone who answered users’ questions throughout the previous month, and part of that is recognizing them through the "Where Will Your Karma Take You Contest." Our most helpful users sure know how to make people of all experience levels feel welcome and cared for.

The results are in! The winner of the January 2018 competition period is *drum roll* … mayurr98! Congratulations for being the fourth user to earn a free pass to .conf18 from the karma contest. mayurr98 has been making his presence known in the Answers community the past several months by fielding questions left and right, contributing over 400 answers since the beginning of November 2017. He has also been amazing with helping the user community on our Slack community chat. This is a win that several of his peers have acknowledged is well-earned with all the effort they’ve seen him put in on Answers.

The love doesn’t stop there—mayurr98 isn’t the only one who was looking out for people’s cries for help. The runners-up combined with mayurr98 make up a bulk of the total answers posted and deserve to be appreciated for all that they do. Healthy communities are made up of a collection of amazing individuals, not just one! In descending order of karma points earned in the January 2018 competition:

  1. mayurr98
  2. micahkemp
  3. elliotproebstel
  4. nickhillscpl
  5. 493669

Last, but not least, I want to express much respect for our all-stars who are already receiving free passes to .conf18 through their membership in the SplunkTrust. Their constant presence in Answers, Slack, user groups, and Splunk and industry events has helped our community build confidence in what they can do with their data in Splunk. Their collective knowledge gained through years of experience and practice is incredibly valuable, so I hope everyone gets to experience that first-hand.

  1. somesoni2
  2. niketnilay
  3. martin_mueller
  4. MuS
  5. cmerriman

Good luck everyone with the last stretch of February 2018 competition! If you would like to learn more about engaging with the Splunk community, check out the Get Started with Splunk Community manual.

Patrick Pablo
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Patrick Pablo

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Patrick made his way up north for college and fell in love with the Bay Area, making it his second home. After working 5 years for a non-profit as a college & career counselor in San Francisco public high schools, he stumbled across a new career opportunity himself! Patrick found a new way to apply his community organizing background in a way he didn’t know was possible at Splunk.

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