Watch: CEO Doug Merritt Talks Conquering Big Data

This week I had the great pleasure of joining Jim Cramer on CNBC’s Mad Money to discuss data analytics, accessibility and Splunk’s role in the digital transformation. I had the opportunity to explain how running an operational intelligence platform can make machine data more accessible. One of the reasons Jim calls Splunk “the Google of data mining.”

Find out how Splunk is transforming business for our clients, including FedEx, Domino’s Pizza and more, in the full interview below.


Doug Merritt
CEO, Splunk


Doug Merritt
Posted by Doug Merritt

Doug Merritt is Splunk’s President, Chief Executive Officer, and member of the Board. He has been living and breathing software for the past 30 years -- in executive, sales, marketing and GM roles at companies like SAP and Cisco. Doug joined Splunk in 2014 as the head of Field Operations, and stepped into the CEO role in 2015.

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